And we'll both end up kind of okay in the end.
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She used to hold me a sing softly into my cheek but she’s gone, along with my standards, so now it’s just a question of how much like her can this next one be. And I know I wont find another.

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Another short

Naw dude, it shouldn't stop you, it sounded great! I'd like to hear more if you ever write more songs :)

Thank you so much <3 I will certainly keep you up to date with any future posts :)


 I had my midlife crisis when I was sixteen years old. I had always expected, or at least hoped, I’d be dead by eighteen. I was getting older and hope was dwindling. Teachers asked what I wanted to be when I grow up. I never had a real answer, I never thought I had to worry about it. Now I’m twenty two. I’m discouraged every time I leave the doctor with a clean bill of health. But I’ve recently said fuck it and gave up in the best way possible. As long as I’m miserable I’ll be invincible. So fuck being miserable. I’m in control. And I long to see firsthand if the good, in fact, die young. 

Hey, how are you? That song you posted is good, i liked it a lot actually! Haha, sorry, hope i'm bothering you with this :p

Not at all! Thank you so much, I have a monotonous voice but it doesn’t stop me :D

What’s happened to me. I hated myself for drinking so much. It helped with anxiety, I didn’t over-think anything, I spoke and people liked what I had to say. Now I don’t drink. Now I hate myself for not speaking. Everyone asks me if I’m okay. I’m totally fine till then. Fuck. You just can’t win.